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9. Mary, overshadowed by the Holy Spirit Print E-mail

9. Mary, overshadowed by the Holy Spirit

Theme: Mary, filled with the Holy Spirit, witness to the Kingdom.

Aspects: Mary, the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God.

Keywords: Moved by the Holy Spirit, gift of self.


"Moved and strengthened by the Holy Spirit, the members spare no effort to arrive at a total gift of themselves. They aim to become, through Christ, a response to the Lord "who first loved them" (1 John 4:10). They express this response in the profession of the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience." (C.56)

"Let them take the Blessed Virgin Mary as their model and helper. For she went on her pilgrim way in faith, and embraced with her whole heart the saving will of

God. She dedicated herself completely as a handmaid of the Lord to the person of her Son and to his work, and thus served the mystery of redemption. Indeed she still serves it, as the perpetual help of God's people in Christ. Therefore, let them relate to her as a mother with all the love and veneration they owe her as sons." (C.32)



The leader of today's gathering has arranged a collage representing society's ‘culture of death.' Alongside is it placed the icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help and a vigil light.


Lived Experience

In your pastoral ministry or your daily encounter with people, how have you been moved and strengthened bythe Holy Spirit?


Word of God

One confrere reads Luke 1:26-38. Identify the attitudes of Mary as First Disciple of the Lord.


Meditation and Reflection

What are the values of the Redemptorists that Mary witnessed to at the Annunciation?

Which of these values are being threatened in our society today?


Prayer and Supplication

The community prays for a renewed outpouring of the Spirit by praying together the third decade of the Glorious mysteries: "The descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles."


Sharing Vision and Resolutions

What are the urgent issues of our time that we,  Redemptorists, as a community and a Congregation, need to address ourselves to?

The community is invited to write a letter expressing these concerns and proposals to the General government.



Arrange the time and date for the next meeting and invite a member of the group to coordinate it and prepare its final celebration.



The community is invited to celebrate Mary by praying together ‘The  evotions to Our Lady of Perpetual Help.'


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